It's Time For A Slumber Party

Many, many, moons ago when I was young and carefree, Girls Night Out was a wild and crazy adventure just waiting to happen. From the the quick disco nap before getting ready, to dinner and drinks, pre gaming that bled right on in to after-hours.  You stayed out till the sun came up and the spent the morning stuffing our face with pancakes in the hope of soaking up all the mistakes we made the night before.  If it was football season you had kegs with those pancakes and eggs. Somehow you thought if you kept drinking you could avoid the hangover.  The walk of shame was really the walk of fame, you ended up with random numbers in your cell phone and even more random photos on your camera.  Even with all of that you managed to study, go work and do it all over again.  Now, that I'm 28 (thats a lie), Girls Night Out consists of watching bad lifetime movies in yoga pants while eating take out and drinking plenty of wine.  And the only reason I like hosting is, because at the end of the night I'm home. 


So, when Hpnotiq and Clever Girls asked what my Ultimate Girls Night Out I drew a major blank.  Girls night out for me has morphed over the years, that I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Which is why my Ultimate Girls Night Out is a slumber party! Did you just get excited at the thought of have your favorite girlfriends over for a big slumber party!  Below are a few hints and tips for the Ultimate Girls Night Out aka Slumber Party.

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