Classics Never Go Out Of Style #WorkHappy

Darling DIY Bic vs Sharpie.jpg

As promised I going to get in depth about my choice of office supplies. Kicking things off with my choice of permanent marker.

Drying Out

My test was leaving the cap off each pen and then attempting to write with them. Tuxedo Black for Bic and black for sharpie.  The winner was Sharpie hands down.  After 15 min the Bic pens were completely dead, while Sharpie was ready to go.  The shelf life of Sharpies is also longer.  Some Bic were dying after only a few weeks unlike the Sharpies that I've had for over a year. Winner - Sharpie


The difference between shades in the Bic was much more noticeable than that found in the sharpie.  For sharpie the real test was berry, plum, purple and boysenberry on white paper, for Bic the test was playful purple, prairie berry, plumtastic purple and polynesian purple.  Over all the Bic were slightly brighter, but Sharpie has more colors to choose from.  Sharpie also updates their collection more often, from metallics to neon Sharpie takes on the full spectrum.  More colors means the perfect Sharpie for you is out there. Winner - Sharpie


They were both great on multiple surfaces with a quick drying time. But if you look at Sharpies full line; name a surface and they've got a pen that can write on it. Winner - Sharpie



Bic has an amazing gripped barrel, for someone clumsy like me, a barrel with grips leads to a lot less unwanted marks and unwanted stains. Another reason to choose Bic is the great names they give their colors. It's all in the name, Bic definitely took a queue from OPI and gave each pen a distinct name like; Peach Parfait, Lemon Bliss, Rambunctious Red, Tiki Hut Tan).  Another great fact is that the names are on the barrel, so you always know what you are grabbing.  Sharpie doesn't help you out in that department, so it's easy to grab the wrong shade of pink by accident.  Winner - Bic


They both are equally priced and can be found almost anywhere that pens or craft supplies are sold.  Basically the price has more to do with where you buy and not what you buy. Winner - Tie



I mentioned it before, but Sharpie is the winner hands down when it comes to options.  From Fabric pens, fine points, jumbo, metallics, they have something that you need.  Winner - Sharpie

Over all winner - Sharpie, classics never go out of style!  

Add A Little Neon To Your Lunch #NeonOrNothing

Lunch is often the high point of the day.  It’s a chance to step away from computer, leave that little cubicle, and take a deep breath.  Lunch is your chance to re-energize before finishing off the rest of the work day.  Lunch should be a feast for all the senses,  which is why I’m such a huge fan of the Neon Lunch.  Not only is it colorful, but it also reduces your daily imprint.

Lunchskins -  You can finally ditch all the plastic bags for these reusable lunch skins.  They are available in three sizes, so you don’t have to worry about if your meals will fit.  Once your done you can throw them in the dishwasher and use them again the next day. They are also free of pesky things like lead, BPA, and Phthalates.

Baggu - While brown bagging it might be a classic, Baggu is the new classic.  A smaller version of their best selling reusable shopping bag. The Baby Baggu is perfect for your lunch, or a six pack, it all depends on how you do lunch. Once you’re done with lunch you can even fold your Baggu back into it’s 5” pouch, or drop it in the wash.

BKR - I’m one of those people who can not drink out of plastic bottles, I swear I can taste the plastic.  I know that sounds nutty, but I swear I can taste the plastic, and it tastes horrible. BKR water bottles solve this problem, by using glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve.  The silicone Sleeve not only helps protect the glass bottle, it also adds grip, and plenty of color.

Dana’s Bakery - Macarons so bright, you gotta wear shades. Cool off with the hottest flavors of the summer: Pink Lemonade, Orange Creamsicle, Key Lime, and Piña Colada!  Don’t worry if you don’t live NY, MI or FL Dana ships nationwide.  

Happy Lunching!


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Get Ready To Panic #Taxes

9 to 5 Panic Party.jpg

It's that time of the year again, time to throw a Panic Party!! For all of you who haven't started to work on your taxes…don't bother.  You are going to throw caution to the wind and have a Panic Party!  

Step 1: On your way home from work invite everyone over that you know.



Step 2: Stop off at the local drive throughs and pick up dinner.  If you not feeling the drive through don't worry, this is a perfect time to clean out your fridge and serve everything in it.  I've been to plenty of panic parties where the menu ranges from Waffles, Taquitos, to Lean Cuisine's… you know food people forget is in their freezer.

Step 3: Drinks, since you are going to be burning the midnight oil it's time for some Espresso, Red Bull, and Coffee.  If you don't care how your taxes turn out and you want to be audited in the near future I have plenty of cocktails to suggest.

Step 4: Boiler Room, Wall Street, and The Devil's Advocate make for perfect entertainment!

Step 5:  Party Favors.  Since it's tax season calculators, pencils, legal pads, and old receipts are the perfect party favors.  Box your gifts in old Turbo Tax Boxes.  

Step 6:  Enjoy!

*If you really want to panic, throw this April 16th!

Stylish & Ingenious

9 to 5 Tech Support.jpg

Take control of your gadgets with these ingenious and very stylish solutions. My personal favorite is the cable box.  My cats Marmalade & Fattycakes love to snack on cords.  So how will you be taming your gadgets?

Tame your gadgets with these ingenious and very stylish solutions.  Cocoon Bags //  Blue Lounge //  Container Store  // Campo Marizo  //  Pivot Power  // Moleskin  // iCushion // Converge  

5 Most Wanted Fall Accessories

These aren't your typical office supplies, filled with bland colors and basic functions. No sir, these items have style and function and can often times serve more than one purpose. So when your summer starts to fade, and fall becomes an all-too-real reality, don't get the cubicle blues. Just pick a few of our most wanted items for fall, and your work style will keep you motivated, organized, and super chic.   

Find your favorite fall Acessories here!

* Kate Spade Stitch Ring * Kate Spade Small Ring * Nava Zahavi Onyx, Silver And High Karat Gold Ambition Ring * Thora Honeycomb Ring * Adia Kibur Enamel Bangle Set * Satin Gold Cuff * Melinda Bamboo Shape Bracelet * Orange Glitz Cuff * Pieces Zullu Zebra Print Bangle * Planners, Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars | AT-A-GLANCE * Timex Weekender Watches - Target * Apple - Play music and more on iPod. * Medium Envelope, Brights Leather * Indigo All in One Bag | Embossed Python Leather * iPad Envelope, Brights Leather * "Four Eyes" USB Drive * Beckett Aqua Tonic * Linwood Revolver Black *

A Ringer Free World

Fun fact about me, I never answer my home phone.  Why, you ask?  Because it's never for me.  9 times out of 10 it's for someone I've never heard of.  The couple who had my phone number before me apparently owe a lot of people money, and every bill collector in the world calls for them.  All that being said I rarely answer my phone.  But I do check my voicemail, because you never know who is going to leave a message.  Which leads me to my newest love GOOGLE VOICE.  Google Voice is a service that transcribes your voicemail and sends the message to you via e-mail.  The best part about this service is it's free, and takes only 4 steps to set it up.  So if your phone is ringing off the hook and you want to retreat into a ringer free world like me, but still don't want to miss an important message check out Google Voice.