Feed Your Face With Montagne Jeunesse

Feed Your Face With Montagne Jeunesse

Now that I’m in a much warmer climate, I’ve noticed a major change in my skin.  It’s not nearly as dry, but since my skin has desert like tendencies, I’m nowhere near being free of dry, flaky, itchy skin. It’s been well documented that I’m on the hunt for things to give me soft and supple skin, and I think I’ve finally stumbled on the perfect formula.  Before we get to my favorite product lets recap a few cases of dry skin and the things to combat you skin worries.

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B is for Beamly

B is for Beamly

One of my favorite things to do is curl up on the sofa laptop and wine in hand, and catch up with my favorite shows.  Thursday is my TV night, the rest of the week, I'm too busy or way too tired to be bothered.   The downside to never watching TV when it airs is that you miss out on the conversation.  Beamly formally Zeebox makes being apart of the conversation simple, even if you don't watch things when the actually air.  Your favorite shows have their own room, and you can join at any time.  Below are a few of my favorite shows and rooms.   You can talk about the most recent episode, follow the show for amazing insider updates, and trade theories.  

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From The Runway To Your Living Room Spring 2014

From The Runway To Your Living Room Spring 2014

Being trendy is a tough work and it’s really expensive.  One of the hardest places to stay on trend is your home.  Let’s be honest you aren’t running out and buying a new sofa every few months.  You aren’t even buying a new sofa after you spill a glass of red wine on it.  You’re flipping that cushion and hoping that no one will notice.  Havertys makes being on trend, and living wine stain free not only look easy.  

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Classics Never Go Out Of Style #WorkHappy

Darling DIY Bic vs Sharpie.jpg

As promised I going to get in depth about my choice of office supplies. Kicking things off with my choice of permanent marker.

Drying Out

My test was leaving the cap off each pen and then attempting to write with them. Tuxedo Black for Bic and black for sharpie.  The winner was Sharpie hands down.  After 15 min the Bic pens were completely dead, while Sharpie was ready to go.  The shelf life of Sharpies is also longer.  Some Bic were dying after only a few weeks unlike the Sharpies that I've had for over a year. Winner - Sharpie


The difference between shades in the Bic was much more noticeable than that found in the sharpie.  For sharpie the real test was berry, plum, purple and boysenberry on white paper, for Bic the test was playful purple, prairie berry, plumtastic purple and polynesian purple.  Over all the Bic were slightly brighter, but Sharpie has more colors to choose from.  Sharpie also updates their collection more often, from metallics to neon Sharpie takes on the full spectrum.  More colors means the perfect Sharpie for you is out there. Winner - Sharpie


They were both great on multiple surfaces with a quick drying time. But if you look at Sharpies full line; name a surface and they've got a pen that can write on it. Winner - Sharpie



Bic has an amazing gripped barrel, for someone clumsy like me, a barrel with grips leads to a lot less unwanted marks and unwanted stains. Another reason to choose Bic is the great names they give their colors. It's all in the name, Bic definitely took a queue from OPI and gave each pen a distinct name like; Peach Parfait, Lemon Bliss, Rambunctious Red, Tiki Hut Tan).  Another great fact is that the names are on the barrel, so you always know what you are grabbing.  Sharpie doesn't help you out in that department, so it's easy to grab the wrong shade of pink by accident.  Winner - Bic


They both are equally priced and can be found almost anywhere that pens or craft supplies are sold.  Basically the price has more to do with where you buy and not what you buy. Winner - Tie



I mentioned it before, but Sharpie is the winner hands down when it comes to options.  From Fabric pens, fine points, jumbo, metallics, they have something that you need.  Winner - Sharpie

Over all winner - Sharpie, classics never go out of style!  

9 to 5: NEON #ColorMeExcited

Whether you’re going back to school, or you’ve used all of your vacation days, chances are you are going to be spending a lot more time indoors and at a desk.  If that’s the case I found some stylish, and very bright ways to make that time suck a little less.  The added bonus for putting a little neon in  your collection is how easy these things will be to find when rummaging through your bag.  

GYMLE Cases Don’t Bruise Your Apple

High quality hard coating protects your Macbook Pro from accidental hard knocks and scratches.  Leaving you to fully access to all buttons and features, while plugging in your charger, cable or headset without removing the case. Simple clip-on/off design without the added risk of harming your laptop during application.

Blue Lounge Cable Box Pet Guard

Keep the kitties at bay with the Cable Box Mini by Blue Lounge. Equipped with a surge protector these candy coated boxes with keep your wires and charges hidden.

Campo Marizo Move Around

Tote your office everywhere with the magazine caddy.  This carryall will fit your laptop, papers, cords, and basic supplies.

TRUFFLE Nº 1 Clarity Keep Your Bag Organized

The perfect go-to for stowing your everyday essentials. It’s polished enough for your designer handbag or at-the-ready for a trip to the beach.

iCushion On Your Desk

 This Silicone stand will keep your iPhone & iPad at the perfect angle, with it’s suction hold.  

Adam Message Pad Never Forget A Call

Adams give the basic while you were out a major upgrade with three bold and bright colors.

Baggu Duck Bag Stand Out In The Crowd

A tote bag in durable recycled cotton canvas duck. Two handles and 40" adjustable strap, to carry in hand or over shoulder.

Poppin Highlighters

Never forget an important passage again.  Poppin's Assorted Thing Highlighters making research  fun.

Beats By Dre Be Your Own DJ

Beats Mixr Headphones are designed for DJs, so they're the lightest and loudest model Beats makes. Created for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, these over-ear headphones reproduce accurate sound and meet the needs of the world's best DJs.

SanDisk Drive Take Your Files Everywhere

The Cruzer Switch USB Flash Drive makes it easier than ever to back up, transport, and share your files. This USB drive keeps your photos, videos, music, and personal data secure with its protective cap and SanDisk's exclusive password-protection software.

Lihit Lab The Best Notebook Ever

Twist Ring Notebook keeps your notes and life organized. Employing a unique mechanism, the rings resemble those of a spiral ring notebook except that they are incredibly easy to open and close, allowing page removal and rearrangement without tearing. This means that you no longer have to deal with unsightly torn pages and the accompanying paper bits that get stuck in the rings and eventually create a mess in your bag. You can also exchange notes with your friends and colleagues, neatly transfer pages from one notebook to another, and keep refilling your notebook with fresh new sheets.

Pinch Provisions If You’re In A Pinch

A tongue-in-cheek monogram fronts a compact case packed with an assortment of just-in-case essentials. The 52-piece set includes plenty of double-sided tape, safety pins, earring backs and more so you can restock your kit when the occasion arises.

Sharpie Updated Classic

Ultra vivid color in natural light with marks that turn fluorescent in black light. Start Bright. Go Electric.



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Be A Hustler

You’ve got a great idea, or goal that you want to reach, instead of trying you wait.  You wait because you want the timing to be perfect. You wait because something in your head says things will be easier if only you had… The thing is, there is no perfect time to start a new project or go for our goals.  There is no perfect time to step out of your comfort zone, you just have to start.  We’ve all had a million dollar idea only to see realized by someone else.   If you don’t want table scraps or leftovers, you have to be the first in line.  You have to take your idea and run with it, because while you’re waiting for the “perfect” time, someone else will make your dream a reality.  Things may come to those who wait, BUT only things left by those who hustle. Be A HUSTLER!

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