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Project Gadabout loves to do product reviews of like-minded products and companies on approval basis only.  There is no guarantee that your items sent for review will end up on Project Gadabout or discussed in social media, we only write about the ones that are exceptional, newsworthy, or make us smile.  
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Project Gadabout is happy to do sponsored posts of like-minded products and companies on approval basis only. The post will be my opinion only and will be disclosed as a sponsored post. Contact me for pricing.
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Project Gadabout loves to collaborate with like-minded companies. Please contact me and describe what type of collaboration you have in mind.

Project Gadabout does a very limited amount of Giveaways. If you have an item that fits into the aesthetic of Project Gadabout and has a value of more than $50, you may contact me about sponsored giveaways. Project Gadabout will not handle or ship your item.
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